"I'm afraid of falling." she said
He whispered "I have wings."

Trying to copy the newest trend is not our thing.  Trends wane and will become old.  We much prefer sticking to something timeless… something that will stay relevant for decades.  If you are not one for following the crowd into the newest trend, you are at the right place.

We are a wife and husband team that do weddings across all borders.  Wife Shanti being the main photographer.  Romantic, moody, emotive…  This is what gets us ticking.  This is what we are after and this is what we deliver to our clients.  Besides spending time with each other, our two beautiful little boys and our animals, we really do like to listen to love stories over a cup of caffe latte (him) and a red cuppa chino (her) and then capture the essence of that story as it unfolds.  Get in touch for a coffee date with us.

Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.
Joe Doe

"I am telling you your story, not theirs. No one is told any story, but their own." - C.S. Lewis

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