It is the second time that I got to photograph this missionary family from the USA.  Mom Jenifer showed me the prayer cards they made with the previous photos I did for them.  My heart felt a surge of warmth when I saw the pure joy in her eyes as she showed me them.  The first time I got to spend time with them, I was pregnant with my little boy.  I can’t believe that he will soon be 19 months old.

This time around, the photos will once again be used for their new prayer cards.  They are returning to the US early next year and will be there for three months.  They will be speaking at different churches.  Jenifer mentioned quite a few states.  I remember her mentioning Washington, California and Arizona.  Shucks Jen, I am pretty convinced I could make myself fit into your suitcase.  I really would love to go do some photography in the Arizona desert.

My heart has grown fond of this family.  Bethany is just a beautiful soul.  Max….  man I dig Max!  He is this active little guy with the most expressive little face.  I did a portrait shoot of both him and sister Bethany earlier this year.  The expressions – can’t get enough of them 🙂

Jenifer, thank you for once again choosing me to take photos of your beautiful family.  You and Dave are really such amazing people to be around.  And so are your beautiful children.  Have a blessed time back home.  I know you will be traveling a lot and that you no longer have an official home in the States.  But enjoy the time you get to spend with your family and friends there.  Safe travels.

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