Sometimes, somewhere in life, fairy tales do seem to become a reality.  A little girl is born and she grows up to become a real life Snow White.  Just minus the blue eyes.  But still the fairest in the land.  Rikus saw this raven eyed Snow White and found his princess in Clarisse.  I’ve recently been hearing the word ‘soulmates’ go around quite a bit.  It’s something I have never given much thought, actually.  But I think if anybody would fit the description of soulmates, it will be these two.  They have the same values, the same outlook on life.  They perfectly fit like a key and it’s specific lock.

We did their engagement shoot a while back in Heidelberg.  You can find it HERE if you have missed it.

They chose Anderland as their wedding venue.  As a Photographer friend of mine said:  “The nicest venue in this parts of the country.”  If ever I experienced a hands on approach from venue management, it was here.  Smooth runnings all the way.  Everything done with great care and perfection.  Thank you Neels from Anderland for making my job easier on the day.  You are a bit OCD but it’s good 😉

If ever I’ve seen tender, endearing love shine through two pairs of eyes, it is this couple.  If ever two souls get each other and know exactly where to find each other, it is Rikus and Clarisse.  Fairy tales… soul mates… I think it’s a real thing.

Brides dress:  Bridal Wardrobe

Bridesmaids dresses:  Harkielief

Hair:  Scarlet Sciccors

Makeup:  Nicole Kingwill

Decor:  A&E Verhurings

Flowers:  Anderland

DJ:  Simpsons


Anderland wedding photography © 2018

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