Clifford and Chanté resides in Dubai and will be having their wedding in beautiful South Africa.

It is difficult to try and put a description to the love between these two.  If I was allowed only one sentence to do so, it would be “They absolutely compliment each other perfectly.”  She is a tiny, beautiful ball of fire.  He is her giant.  Gentle.  Her safe place.  This man packed up everything and moved across the world to be with her!  I mean really, that is love.  Serious love.  Observing them and their interaction during our shoot, I was reminded of Noah and Ellie from the Notebook.  Chanté has that sparkle in her eye.  She’s spunky, bubbly and her smile could melt the polar caps.  Clifford is on the quiet side.  He watches her.  He adores everything about her and it is so obvious to anybody in their presence.  When he looks at her, there is a softness in his eyes that speaks a thousand and ten words.  But (thank goodness) unlike Noah and Ellie, no time has gone wasted.  Chanté came to visit in South Africa.  Cifford had the ring ready and did what had to be done minutes before we did their shoot.  The next day Chanté returned to Dubai.  A few weeks later Clifford took off after her.  He is settling well in Dubai and now planning a wedding over thousands of miles is what is currently happening.

I asked Chanté if she had any input in the ring.  Nope, none.  Wow Clifford!  Well done!  It’s a beaut.

They will be travelling to South Africa during the Winter of 2017 to get themselves wed.  They are busy securing their venue.  This one is going to be one for the books.  I’m excited to be able to be a part of it!

Engagement session ©www.shantivphotography 2016

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