You know a young man is serious about a girl when he works insane hours overtime, just to be able to travel across the world every couple of weeks.  This is what Isaac did after meeting Jessica.  He would make many a trip to South Africa, all the way from the states.  He met the woman he knew he wanted to spend his life with and he saw nothing as an obstacle to pursue this lady.  At first his family couldn’t understand his sudden interest in South Africa.  But they all soon caught on.  During the reception a joke was made that the airport started calling Isaac to remind him that it’s time for him to fly to South Africa again.

Jessica got in contact a couple of months ago and said she saw decor of a recent wedding I did and she definitely wanted something similar.  I also remembered her from her cousin’s wedding, that I did about two years ago.  Back then, she still had a typical South African accent.  Now this South African beauty sports a real American accent.  I’m always amazed at how well we adapt to our surroundings in only short periods of time 🙂

It really was a fantastic day!  With Isaac being from Cameroon, Jessica being South African and both of them residing in the states now, it was nice to see how different parts of the world got together to celebrate this beautiful love story.

They chose Cradle Valley Guest Lodge as their venue.  June & July did the cinematography.  Jessica looked amazing in her dress that she got from Your Dream Bridal in Boston.  And then, as someone who fights for animals daily and who has her own rescue facility for Pit Bulls (yeah, tree hugger vegan over here) I am thrilled at Jessica’s choice in makeup artist.  She went with Creatively Contoured, which is a pro life, anti cruelty person like me 🙂

Trying to fit their day into a short blog post, was not an easy task.  I want to say here are my favourites of the day…  But there were many more images and choosing which to blog, was a mission of notes.  Here is some of the images of the Fombuh celebration.

Cradle Valley Wedding Photography  Copyright 2018

Cradle Valley weddingCradle Valley weddingCradle Valley wedding