What turned out to start off as a pretty normal day, turned into quite an interesting shoot.  Nature decided to throw it’s very best at us.  Minutes before this shoot, the clouds took off and the skies cleared.  It was the brightest light I have seen in a pretty long time.  The only other time I saw light this bright, was two years ago in Botswana salt pans.  Only, we had zero wind and insane heat in said salt pans.  Our bright light pregnancy shoot not only gave us tons and tons of blinding light, but it also became insanely cold and windy the moment the skies cleared O_o

Hats off to Adrie and Hennie for keeping straight faces while all of us were shivering ourselves into spasms.  Shame, little Liamay had a bright red little runny nose from the cold, windy weather conditions.  But she was such a trooper and did so well.  A brave big sis indeed!

I literally could not see anything happening in front of my camera, through my view finder.  The light was just too bright and the son reflected to the point where I eventually said “Lets slowly walk to another spot and wait for the son to be kinder to us.  I seriously cannot see a thing!”  So therefore, for the first time ever, I will be posting two parts to this shoot.  The first part is where we dealt with wind, cold and me being blinded while shooting.  The second, will be where the son started to set and the wind calmed down totally.  I wish I could say the temperature improved also.  But nope, unfortunately it just got worse as time passed.  You’d never say by looking at the legit smiles on their faces!  Hennie, Adrie & Liamay, you guys rock 🙂

Johannesburg Maternity Photography ©www.shantivphotography.co.za

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