This shoot was actually for a little wide eyed boy’s birthday.  Every year, his mom books a shoot with me for his brother’s birthday.  But since the littlest Tuck’s arrival, it stirred the annual family photo shoot up a bit.  Instead of doing their family shoot on big brother Logan’s birthday this year, mom Sonja booked their shoot on little Lian’s birthday.  While Logan is the busy body of the two, Lian is a bit calmer and it was easy to focus a bit more on him, during this session.  As a mom of two little handsome boys myself, I know all about the busy and the zooms and the sticky dust hugs that come packaged in little boy bodies 🙂

I truly feel privileged to have seen these two as newborns and to now be a small part of their lives, by seeing them grow up with each passing year.  Thank you for the many times you have chosen me to photograph all your biggest and most beautiful memories, Sonja.  I have known you more than half of my life.  Since they very first time I met you 18 years ago, as a school kid, I said you truly are one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen.  You were back then and you still are now.  Hopefully I will get to see these two little boys turn into fine young men still.

A boy is truth with dirt on his face, beauty with a cut on his finger and the hope of the future, with a frog in his pocket.

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