2016 was a tough year.  It was challenging for many of us, on many levels.  Myself had days where I just couldn’t get a handle on where my stress levels were going.  And then comes the end of 2016 and the shoots it delivers.  Leaving me without much to say, but “Oh wow!  Thank you!”

This family showed up when I was still quite the newby to photography.  And they are here still.  While I had to say goodbye to some of my regulars in 2016, that left South Africa to start a fresh somewhere else in the world, I still had other regulars book again.  Naomi and her family, being such regulars.  It put a huge smile on my face when she filled in my website contact form and completed the ‘Where did you hear about us’ section with “You’re my favorite Photographer.”  Thanks for creatively lighting up my day, Naomi.  It was quite a surprise as you usually send a WhatsApp or a mail.

Every year, we take a photo of Mia’s necklace and heart pendant.  These stay the same.  But little Mia is transforming into a beautiful little human.  It really is a privilege to see her change and grow in character and personality.  She is a sweet little soul.

This session resulted in one of my favorites for 2016.  Actually, all my year end shoots left me quite happy with their outcomes.  2016, you left many of us gasping for air.  I was challenged on many levels in 2016.  But  I gained a beautiful little baby boy, a good dose of wisdom and I grew both as a Photographer and I person.  With that being said, I am ready to take on 2017 with great expectations and optimism.

Johannesburg family photographer ©www.shantivphotography.co.za 2017

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