I literally could not wait for Penny to do her photo selection!  This is a shoot I WANTED to blog ASAP.  We had such beautiful light that resulted in such lovely deep colours.  We had two cute kids…  a pretty little butterfly and a mom that is just pure happiness and grace.

On the day of our shoot, we were a few photographers at the location.  Two ladies hiking, walked past our little company and I head one of them saying “This one is going to be beautiful,” as they passed us.  See, Penny is this absolutely beautiful human being.  She radiates joy and it just spreads to everybody around her.  I think the two ladies hiking, saw this amazing joy and this really lovely little family and they just knew.  Sure, the lovely outfits helped.  But it is the vibe these people have that makes beautiful photos like this happen.

Pretoria family photographers ©www.shantivphotography.co.za 2017

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