It’s been a while since I’ve seen two people radiate the level of excitement to meet their little boy as with these two.  Cynthia was clearly feeling the tiredness that accompanies the final weeks of pregnancy.  But she never stopped smiling and she never complained about a single thing.  Tinyiko is obviously super smitten with his beautiful wife and one could see that this man could not wait to embrace fatherhood with his all.  There was this sweet playfulness between the two of them throughout the shoot.

We had Cynthia’s makeup and hair done by the talented Antoinette from Antinique Hair and Makeup and then we set out to the beautiful Rosemary Hill farm in Pretoria.  Rosemary has endless opportunities and has a little something for just about any style of photography.

Well, in the meantime, I’ve met Tinyiko and Cynthia’s precious little boy and I’ve posted a few of his newborn images at the bottom of the pregnancy images.  Such a cute little guy who felt no rush to see the world and had his mommy wait for longer than 42 weeks.  A little man that decided staring at the photographer lady was much more fun than sleeping.  A little prince created perfectly.

Pretoria pregnancy photography ©

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