As Spring arrived, the Potgieter wedding happened!  On a really lovely day, these two spent their day with family and friends at Black Horse Brewery in Magalies.

This is quite a long blog post but bare with me.  This day was filled with perfectly thought out detail, lots of laughter and many tears.  The good type of tears.  Happy tears.  You see, I am a very emotional person.  As Clifford said in his speech to Chanté “She is a very emotional person.  But in a good way.  She cries when something beautiful happens on a cooking show.”  Myself and my other half made eye contact and had a little giggle at this.  That description fits me perfectly!  So I get Chanté and I know that the way we deal with great emotion, is by crying.  When we feel sad, we cry.  When we feel touched by others and their actions, we cry.  Happines… we cry.  Not showing the beauty of such a delicate heart laid bare, would be like having ice cream without sprinkles 😉

So Clifford was pretty serious about marrying the girl of his dreams and the lady of his heart.  He moved half way across the world to be with her.  He spread his wings and flew… quit his job in South Africa and packed his clothes to step into the unknown.  The only thing he did know was that she was there and that she is all that he needed.  This happened a just a year before they married.  Since then things have evened out for mr. Potgieter.  He found a good job in Dubai.  The girl of his dreams has become his wife.  And she convinced him that cats are awesome pets to have.  Hmmm… this also sounds very familiar.

Talking about felines, this really, really cute cat showed up and I think se stole a part of the show in pictures.  Chanté is going to be delighted to see where little miss Kitt showed up throughout the day 🙂

Cinematography: Duck Soup Productions

Hair of the bride and bridesmaids: Hair & Makeup by Liesl

Makeup of the bride and bridesmaids: Marina Swart

Dress: Kobus Rautenbach Couture

South African wedding photographers © 2017


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