When two souls are meant to connect, location, timing and circumstances are all irrelevant. They suddenly become a magnet for one another and despite their efforts to fight it, the universe somehow manipulates it all in their favor. And in that moment, when they finally give in, a new love is born.

Blind dates can result in something really spectacular.  It can be the start of a meaningful relationship.  It can result in perfect matches.  It can be the spark that sets forever alight.  It was sparks for sure when Ruan and Lizahn met on their blind date.  Ruan proposed to this beautiful veterinarian and they will […]

Clifford and Chanté resides in Dubai and will be having their wedding in beautiful South Africa. It is difficult to try and put a description to the love between these two.  If I was allowed only one sentence to do so, it would be “They absolutely compliment each other perfectly.”  She is a tiny, beautiful […]

One thing can be said about Alcastor:  This is one gutsy guy.  How many men will be brave enough to spot a girl as beautiful as Vania and just walk up to her and sy ‘Hi’ and melt her heart?  I suppose it helps that he’s got a smile that can light up the entire […]