“When you wrap your child warmly everyday with layers of your unconditional, healthy love, before you send him into the world, he will rarely feel the cold chill that often comes with life’s changing seasons.” -Shadonna Richards

Emotive imagery. Visual story telling. A unique approach to family photo sessions. A slightly moody, yet soft editing style.

This shoot was actually for a little wide eyed boy’s birthday.  Every year, his mom books a shoot with me for his brother’s birthday.  But since the littlest Tuck’s arrival, it stirred the annual family photo shoot up a bit.  Instead of doing their family shoot on big brother Logan’s birthday this year, mom Sonja […]

This started off as a weird “Facebook romance.”  I remember seeing this beautiful woman’s face one day under the ‘People you may know’ section.  This was years ago, btw.  I think I accidentally clicked on ‘Invite’ or ‘Ad friend’ or whatever it was back then.  Because not long after seeing a face that made me […]

It feels like just the other day that I did lifestyle pregnancy shoot for this beautiful woman.  Pregnant with the little curly haired boy in these photos.  Marika recently gave birth to his little sister.  She arrived slightly early but Mommy and Baby are doing just fine.  I have been sent a photo of the […]

It is the second time that I got to photograph this missionary family from the USA.  Mom Jenifer showed me the prayer cards they made with the previous photos I did for them.  My heart felt a surge of warmth when I saw the pure joy in her eyes as she showed me them.  The […]

I literally could not wait for Penny to do her photo selection!  This is a shoot I WANTED to blog ASAP.  We had such beautiful light that resulted in such lovely deep colours.  We had two cute kids…  a pretty little butterfly and a mom that is just pure happiness and grace. On the day of […]

Pink or Blue? Which one will be? You’ll have to scroll down to see…

2016 was a tough year.  It was challenging for many of us, on many levels.  Myself had days where I just couldn’t get a handle on where my stress levels were going.  And then comes the end of 2016 and the shoots it delivers.  Leaving me without much to say, but “Oh wow!  Thank you!” […]

When editing, I always correct red eyes.  But with this shoot, I have decided not to do so.  The red eyes here, represents emotion.  And emotion is a beautiful thing.  It is what makes us human.  I do believe that all creatures have the ability to feel fear, rejection, sadness and love, among other things. […]