“When you wrap your child warmly everyday with layers of your unconditional, healthy love, before you send him into the world, he will rarely feel the cold chill that often comes with life’s changing seasons.” -Shadonna Richards

Sometimes you miss amazing locations that you drive past every single day.  Until you drive past that very location when the sun hits the surfaces perfectly.  This was the case with this location. Chanelle booked me months ago, when she was still in the first trimester of her pregnancy.  They drove all the way from […]

This started off as a weird “Facebook romance.”  I remember seeing this beautiful woman’s face one day under the ‘People you may know’ section.  This was years ago, btw.  I think I accidentally clicked on ‘Invite’ or ‘Ad friend’ or whatever it was back then.  Because not long after seeing a face that made me […]