Brett and Danielle did an four month world travel, before ending it off with an elopement in South Africa. They had their love celebration at Mjejane in The Kruger National Park. It was an extremely hot day, at 51 degrees celsius (which is 124 degrees fahrenheit). Despite this extreme heat, it was a lovely day, […]

You know a young man is serious about a girl when he works insane hours overtime, just to be able to travel across the world every couple of weeks.  This is what Isaac did after meeting Jessica.  He would make many a trip to South Africa, all the way from the states.  He met the […]

One of the sweetes couples ever!  I said it and the staff at Shepstone Gardens said it as we waited for these two to arrive for their engagement shoot.  The gentle kindness that is the package that’s these two, is something rare.  From the first few minutes on our first meeting, I really enjoyed their […]

Sometimes, somewhere in life, fairy tales do seem to become a reality.  A little girl is born and she grows up to become a real life Snow White.  Just minus the blue eyes.  But still the fairest in the land.  Rikus saw this raven eyed Snow White and found his princess in Clarisse.  I’ve recently […]

Blind dates can result in something really spectacular.  It can be the start of a meaningful relationship.  It can result in perfect matches.  It can be the spark that sets forever alight.  It was sparks for sure when Ruan and Lizahn met on their blind date.  Ruan proposed to this beautiful veterinarian and they will […]

This is Dirk and Ianthe.  They are a really lovely couple that will be getting on a plane soon to go and build a new life in England for themselves. In that tiny body, rests a big heart.  Ianthe is a social worker.  Dirk is the guy that stole that beautiful heart and made it […]

Lloyd and Angeleen… two people I have known for a while as ‘family of a client’ now turned friends.  The day Angeleen said she wanted me at her wedding, holding a camera “and nobody else” her excitement was evident.  She is officially the most joyful, excited bride I have ever worked with.  Her excitement and […]

As Spring arrived, the Potgieter wedding happened!  On a really lovely day, these two spent their day with family and friends at Black Horse Brewery in Magalies. This is quite a long blog post but bare with me.  This day was filled with perfectly thought out detail, lots of laughter and many tears.  The good […]

Rikus and Clarisse are two of the nicest people you will ever get to meet.  Their willingness to trek up a mountain, strewn with more baboons than I have seen in my entire life, to get really awesome engagement photos, was just amazing!  I don’t think the climb bothered Clarisse much as she is quite […]