The Basson family… My career started with this family. Over a decade ago, when the bug just bit me and when two people started planning their wedding. Back then, I used to work with Lizané. I just started taking an interest in Photography. By some miracle, this woman trusted me to photograph her wedding. It was my first wedding. Then she fell pregnant and asked me to do her pregnancy shoot. My first pregnancy shoot! Then a tiny, beautiful little girl arrived. My first newborn shoot. Lizané offered me the opportunity to have all my ‘firsts’ with her growing family. Almost a decade has passed since their wedding. A blonde boy, with big dark eyes has been added to the family unit. And still I get to be a part of this family’s memories.

I hope to get to do many more shoots with the Bassons. Hopefully we will still get to figure a way out, despite Lizané recently taking an amazing new job in Oudtshoorn. I feel a bit sentimental over this family. They offered me opportunities, that helped me to build a portfolio. Ultimately helping me to get my foot into the Photography door.

We got to do this shoot just before the first real summer rains. Everything still gleaming in a soft gold, as a result of winter. It is actually symbolic of the end of what was and the new in close sight. It was shortly after this that Lizané accepted her new offer and told me of their new adventure. Geez meisie… Ek hoop regtig ons sal steeds fotos kan neem en geselsies kan aan knoop. I don’t think you realise the major part you have played in my life and that without you, getting my career going, would have been a lot harder. Be safe and be blessed. Always.

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