Quintin, Cindy and little Reegan are waiting to meet a new little girl that is on her way.  Within the next month, their home will welcome sugar, spice and all things nice into its space.  Quintin is such a hands on Dad.  If ever there is a real Pappa bear, it is Quintin.  This guy honestly has such a gentle approach to being a family man.  It is just so beautiful to see.  Cindy…  Wow, Cindy!  She looks amazing and she is just such a gracious Mommy to be.  She was okay with just about anything:  bundu bashing through very patchy terrain, getting black jacks all over her, making having seriously course tree bark doing a number on your back look like the most comfortable thing ever.  And then there is Reegan.  Reegan is such a cutie!  He found himself a mole friend in the grass while I was busy working with Mom and Dad.  Such a gentle spirit, this little man.  He showed nothing but care and nurturing for that tiny little mole.  It is safe to say that there is nothing but truth in this scripture:  “Train up a child in the way he should go.  Even when he is old, he shall not depart from it.”  – Proverbs 22:6.  There is a gentleness and kindness to this little boy.  The same kindness one immediately gets from his parents.

To get back to the little mole in mention:  I would have been really awesome to get a picture of Reegan holding this tiny little creature.  But he felt much more comfortable with my husband (aka assistant/body guard) holding the little fella.  I know finding a juvenile mole randomly hanging around during a shoot, is a once in a lifetime, only if you are extremely lucky, occurrence.  But now I know it is possible.  So I’ll be doing some serious praying over here for being this lucky once again 🙂

PS:  The golden hour does not get any better than this.  Perfect light!

Johannesburg pregnancy photographer ©www.shantivphotography.co.za

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