Shawn and Sonja…  a love story like what our grandparents and their mothers and grandparents had.  My grandfather and grandmother on my mom’s side, shared 68 years of their lives together.  They were mere teenagers when it started and literally only death parted them.  For Shawn and Sonja it also started out as teenagers.  They were first loves.  It’s been a number of years.  They have grown up and they now share two beautiful little boys.  Whenever I see these two, I remember the joyous, beautiful girl and the shy, quiet boy I attended high school with.  Both of them were sweet people back then.  Nothing has changed since.  They are still two of the most wonderfully gentle people I know.  I really, honestly do adore them.  Also their two little boys.

I had the privilege of photographing Logan as a newborn.  And now I was blessed once again to do the same for little Lihan.  The moment I saw little Lihan, it was as if little Logan was a newborn all over again.  Lihan is 100% identical to his older brother.  Never before have I seen two brothers being this identical.  They are two beautiful little people…  Every bit as beautiful as their mother and father.  It can be quite the cliche when someone says they find somebody beautiful inside and out.  But Shawn and Sonja really do fit this description.  Their hearts are warm and soft.  Their beautiful dark eyes absolutely radiates with love.  Every time I get to photograph them and blog about it, I say this:  “I really do consider myself blessed to know this couple and their (now two) little boy(s).”

Johannesburg newborn photography © 2017

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