When editing, I always correct red eyes.  But with this shoot, I have decided not to do so.  The red eyes here, represents emotion.  And emotion is a beautiful thing.  It is what makes us human.  I do believe that all creatures have the ability to feel fear, rejection, sadness and love, among other things.  But as humans, we tend to be the part of creation that feel all kinds of emotions  on a higher level.  This is the one thing that sets us apart from the rest of God’s creation.  Our ability to bypass all instinct and to use our hearts, minds and souls is what makes us, well human.

The emotion seen in these watery, red eyes, is the emotion of a mother having to say goodbye to her child.  A grandmother saying goodbye to her granddaughter.  It’s a father and grandfather who is not big on smiling but who gives a little smile when he affectionately looks down at the little girl on his lap that will be living thousands of miles away from him.  The days when she randomly just popped by with her mom and dad, comes to an end.  This shoot is life.  It’s about our ability to miss and feel sad.  But it is also about hope.  About new beginnings and new horizons.

We know that Hannes, Debbie and Beauné have plans to settle in a foreign country and that this is a huge thing for both the three of them, as well as the loved ones they leave behind.  But we also know how strong and deep the love of a family goes and that this new chapter will be one filled with new exciting things.  We know there will be many visits that will involve overseas flights.  We wish them well and we look forward to hearing back from them as they settle in and become a part of a new country.

Farewell shoot ©www.shantivphotography.co.za

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A little sneeze sometimes results in a cute photo.

2016-10-22_00162016-10-22_0017 2016-10-22_0018 2016-10-22_0019 2016-10-22_0020 2016-10-22_0021 2016-10-22_0022 2016-10-22_0023

So Grandpa is not big on smiles….


And there it is:  A little smile 🙂

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