This started off as a weird “Facebook romance.”  I remember seeing this beautiful woman’s face one day under the ‘People you may know’ section.  This was years ago, btw.  I think I accidentally clicked on ‘Invite’ or ‘Ad friend’ or whatever it was back then.  Because not long after seeing a face that made me think “Such a beautiful girl” I got a notification that she accepted my friend request.  I think she was still in high school back then.  Anyways, I saw no harm in having a ‘friend’ I do not actually know.  Every once in a while she would like some of my photos on my Photography page.  Every once in a while, I would like stuff that she posted – like when she got married.  Fast forward a few years.  She contacted me for a family shoot.  I finally got to meet my Facebook ‘crush’ of something like 9 or 8 years 😉

She’s now three children richer.  Still just as beautiful as the day I first had my invite blooper happen.  While we are on the subject, lets just all take a minute to appreciate her hair!  Seriously!  Best hair I have ever seen in real life.

Jeandré, thank you for being my Facebook crush for years.  I never thought I’d meet you in real life.  You have a lovely family.  You are lovely.  Thank you for allowing me to capture these images for you.

Family photography © 2018

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